How to start an urban organic garden


The Scariest Thing Imaginable

As the weather gets rainy all over the city once again, a fog comes over our home. Our little munchkin Rose has fallen ill. I have yet to call her doctor, but the fever that has been lasting for four days is beginning to make me restless. Now one thing I know about myself is that I can take a seed and turn it into a tree in my mind, so I have tried to keep cool over this mess. But as day four came and went, it happened; my mind went places no parent should ever venture.

It first begins with thoughts of “It happens all the time.” Parents have a seemingly healthy child, and then one day their kid gets a bruise or a fever and suddenly it’s cancer. In the 30 seconds that this idea crosses my mind, I picture so many things. How her joyful disposition can quickly turn into unimagineable exhaustion. How her soft kisses and tight hugs would diminish as she struggles to survive. How the beautiful blonde Shirley Temple curls she is practically known for in town would very suddenly disappear. I picture myself holding one in my hand. And how I would look at her and she would still be the most beautiful little girl I have ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful eyes would be missing her long, dark, curly eyelashes, yet they would still outshine the sun. She is my world and she knows it; but knowing that I hug her and kiss her every chance I get, that I stay at home most of the time to spend time with her, and that she is aware of just how much I love her would not make things any easier.

These were perhaps the scariest 30 seconds of my life. Yes, it escalated quickly, but then I remember that this is a reality for so many other parents. And I can’t imagine. There is just not enough empathy in this world for them. I believe in God and all of the promises he has made. I often pray that he uses me for His glory and that I am at His disposal to do so. I know He never gives us more than we can handle. Perhaps that is why I have not been chosen the role these parents play. I can’t comprehend where that would leave me in my faith and in life.

Now I ask you, dear readers, have you ever been in a position where the health of your child deteriorared before your eyes? Are you close to or know of anyone who has gone through such an experience? Tell me about it in the comments!

To Spring and New Beginings

Spring is upon us once again. As the sun shines, it highlights all of the beauty around us that has been hiding in the typical gloomy weather of the PNW. Everywhere you look, everything seems to be coming to life. It’s like a rainbow; the promise of warm weather, blooming flowers, and an end to the seasonal depression we often find ourselves in towards the end of winter. It also promises new life (hello, birds and bees!) and of better things to come.

This line of thinking has been on my mind for some time now. No, I’m not talking about baby #2. I’m talking about other new beginnings; new endeavors. It’s easy for us adults to get used to the day-to-day and I believe all it takes to break free of that is a new perspective. Now I’m not going to lie, this has been a nest egg that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time. In fact, this blog and my entrance into the blogging sphere is one of my newest creations. I have been planning on it, researching it, and now have hatched it. I wanted to start something new; challenge myself to realize one of my long time ambitions. All it took was a new perspective.
Every great invention and every great innovation began inside a mind that thinks outside the box. The norm and narrow-mindedness keeps us attentive on moving forward and trying to get by. But a broader point of view looks outide the norm and tries to come up with ways to produce change. The life we live is the life we set up for ourselves, and it is never too late to change course. No matter where you are at, everything is within reach. All you have to do is figure out how your particular situations influence your abilities to reach your goals, and then think of new and inventive ways of how you can make those situations work for you or how to simply bypass them. The only boundaries we have are those of the mind that we set up ourselves.

Time is a commodity no one seems to have enough of these days. Those with families have it particularly hard. If you are not the parent who spends more of their time working to provide for the family, then chances are you are the parent spending most of their time busy with the children. But even us parents have dreams and goals of things we want to accomplish. It may be a business, it may be a hobby, or it may be a new project or adventure. But it’s there; the desire to do something outside of your immediate responsibilities. It is a fast-paced world we live in, and there is a fear inside of us that if we stop going with the flow there will be a price to pay. But that is the only way to change course. You need to stop. Think. Turn. And move forward. Ambition is what gives us the desire to keep going. We want to achieve something and the challenge to get there is as exciting and invigorating as the actual achievement in itself.

So I challenge you, dear readers, to take a minute and stop. Think about what your possibly secret ambitions are and then come up with outlandish ways you can make it happen for yourself. Keep thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more you will realize that those outlandish ideas are not so outlandish afterall.

What are some goals or ambitions you have been bottling up? Are you someone who has already gone down this path into a clear success? Tell me about it! Share your thoughts or any input you may have in the comments.